Faces iMake


App Name:  Faces iMake

Developer: iMagine Machine Israel LTD

Price:  $3.99 or $5.49 bundled with Faces iMake ABC

Recommended Age: 4 and up.  Adults would enjoy this, too!

Description:  Faces iMake is an app inspired by the art of Hanoch Piven, an Israeli mixed-media artist.  The app encourages imagination, creativity, and thinking outside the box as users create art using images of everyday objects.  Principles of art and graphic design are also introduced as users have the ability to resize, move, flip, and layer objects on the screen.  The camera and photo gallery can also be accessed for users to add their own photos.  The app includes several video lesson tutorials, the first of which gives users a short demonstration on how to use the app.  Other video lessons show real-world connections and applications as the artist’s hands are shown manipulating actual objects to create faces.  A gallery with 20 pre-loaded images created by Piven also encourages collaboration as users are able to add on to and change the art showcased in this gallery.  Finished art can be saved in the app and shared.


Skills:  Creativity, critical thinking, imagination, abstract thought, symbolism

Curriculum connections:  Art, Language Arts

My thoughts:  The creative possibilities for this app are endless!  I really enjoyed playing around with it and can see it being highly appealing for imaginative children.  The video lessons were straightforward and easy to follow, and I enjoyed the ways Piven both demonstrates and encourages creativity.  Very young children may need some support getting started with the app as there are lots of features which could be confusing at first.  I downloaded this app as part of a bundle including another app inspired by Hanoch Piven, Faces iMake ABC, which is an app teaching alphabet skills while promoting creativity.  The ABC app may be a good starting point for 4 and 5-year-olds before moving to also using this one.  One of the options for sharing images created is to upload them to FaceWorld, which is a worldwide sharing gallery.  Teachers and parents should ensure they have conversations with children using this app encouraging them not to attach their real name to their artwork if it is to be shared in this way.

Ideas for use:  Students could create pictures on this app either in pairs or individually.  They could also collaborate by manipulating or changing a copy of a piece created by another student.  Images created in this app could be connected to a Language Arts activity and used for a writing prompt.  Students could also try using actual objects, manipulating them in the way Piven demonstrates in his video lessons.  With support, students could also create their own video lessons in the same style.



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