Scribble Press


App Name:  Scribble Press

Developer:  Fingerprint

Price: $3.99

Recommended Age:  5-8.  4 year olds could likely use this app with adult support, and older children may enjoy it as well.

Description:  Scribble Press is a storytelling, bookmaking app.  Multiple user accounts can be created, and users set up an account by choosing an avatar and inputting their name.    There are numerous fill-in-the-blank story starter templates under the headings of about me, animals, or fairy tales.  There is also a featured section of story starters as well as the option for a blank book.  In addition to adding text on the pages of their story users can draw, take or add a photo, record audio, or add music, stickers, and backgrounds.  There is also a “put yourself in the story” feature which allows users to select a character with a blank face and take their own picture with their face framed on the character.  Books are automatically saved and can also be saved to the device as a photo or video.  Additionally, a parent area can be accessed by entering the birth year of the parent or teacher, and this area of the app offers the option to export stories to email.


Skills:  writing, reading, storytelling, imagination, creativity

Curriculum connections:  Language Arts, Arts Education

My thoughts:  I can see this app being very useful in the classroom for a variety of different purposes.  Being able to create multiple user accounts makes it more user-friendly for classroom use, as each child in the class could have their own account.    The app is easy to use, and I don’t foresee children having any difficulty navigating through it.  The ability for students to “publish” their work in this app is a very attractive feature.  Students take greater pride in work that is created for an authentic audience, and this app allows them to share their work in various ways.  Again, conversations around privacy and safety would need to occur if work is to be shared with a wider audience.

Ideas for use: With young students who are not yet writing, the ability to record voice would allow them to use the app without text and record themselves telling the story on each page of their book.  The story starters would also be very useful for beginning and reluctant writers and could also be used as Mad Libs to teach and reinforce parts of speech.  Students could work on stories either individually, in pairs, or small groups.  Particularly in kindergarten, this app would be useful as a buddy activity with older students helping younger students to tell their stories.  Stories written in the app could also be extended into drama activities in the classroom.


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