Winky Think Logic Puzzles


App Name:  Winky Think Logic Puzzles

Developer:  Spinlight Studio

Price:  $3.99

Recommended Age:  5-8

Description:  Winky Think presents users with puzzles that are solved using logic, spatial awareness, shape and colour matching, and problem-solving.  The puzzles are ordered sequentially in levels which become increasingly difficult.  Users must navigate around obstacles or through mazes and consider the size of objects as well as the order of steps in order to solve some puzzles.



Skills: logic, spatial awareness, critical thinking, problem-solving, cause and effect, sequencing, trial and error

Curriculum connections:  Math

My thoughts:  This is an app young children will enjoy as the puzzles are appealing and fun.  Teachers will love it because it encourages higher-level thinking skills without children realising they are learning from it!  The puzzles use a simple drag and drop interface and the app is very easy for children to figure out independently, despite the fact that it includes no instruction.  Solving the puzzles encourages trial and error, as for some puzzles to be solved the user must first figure out how the objects interact with one another.  The only thing I did not like about this app was the inability to create more than one user profile, so students would need to remember the number of the puzzle they last completed in order to progress sequentially through the levels.

Ideas for use:  Students could work through this app either individually or in pairs.  The more complicated puzzles in the app could also be used as a whole class activity, with student and teacher discussion explaining the steps required in order to solve the puzzle.


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