App Name:  Geoboard

Developer:  Clarity Innovations

Price:  Free!

Recommended Age:  4 and up

Description:  This is a virtual version of a geoboard, a math manipulative for exploring shape, perimeter, and area.  Users select elastics and drag and drop them to stretch them around pegs on the board.  Once placed on the board, a vertex created by an elastic can be moved to a different peg.  There are eight different coloured elastics to choose from, and users can select from a 5×5 square, 15×10 rectangle, or circular board.  There is also the option to toggle a grid on or off, and to add numbers along the axis of the grid.  Once shapes have been created they can be duplicated, moved, rotated, flipped, or filled.  There is also a math text tool for creating equations and a drawing tool.  An info section provides a brief how-to guide as well as a couple of links for parents or teachers.


Skills:  geometry, spatial awareness, creativity, shapes, colours

Curriculum connections:  Math

My thoughts:  This is a great digital alternative to traditional geoboards.  Particularly with young students, geoboards can be a bit of a classroom management nightmare as elastics are often sent flying around the room and are snapped on small fingers!  It can also sometimes be tricky for these small fingers to have the dexterity to manipulate the elastics on a board, although this is a very useful fine motor skill activity.  Despite there being no actual learning content in this app I can see it being a useful classroom tool.

Ideas for use:  Students could work on creating shapes in this app either alone or in partners.  Geoboard could be a useful station as part of math centres.  This app could also be used as a tool for teacher demonstration during whole class instruction.


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