One Globe Kids


App Name:  One Globe Kids

Developer:  Globe Smart Kids

Price:  Free to try (one story included);  $1.99 per additional story or $13.99 for app with all stories.

Recommended Age: 5-8

Description:  One Globe Kids introduces children to a variety of children living in different places around the world.  Each story includes a “friend” telling a story about their everyday life, accompanied with pictures and voiceover narration.  There are also opportunities for users to tell the featured children about themselves, as they are asked questions about their own lives and can record their answers.  Each story also includes an opportunity for children to practice counting and speaking words and phrases in different languages, as well as facts about the country featured.


Skills: cultural understanding, empathy, geography, social-emotional learning

Curriculum connections:  Social Studies, Career Education, Language Arts

My thoughts:  Although a bit pricey, this app is highly engaging and provides opportunity for rich learning experiences allowing children to learn about different cultures and feel connected with others around the world.  It is beautifully designed and easy to use.  The app feels similar to a social media site, but is developed with young children in mind and is incredibly safe.  All recorded audio is only stored on the individual device, and information containing the privacy policy is contained within the app.  Some information given in the facts about each country may be overly detailed for young children, but the stories told encourage empathy and are relatable.

Ideas for use:  The One Globe Kids website provides free education toolkits with many ideas for use in the classroom.


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